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Coffee News® Franchise Testimonials 

Have you ever wondered how to change careers or start a home-based business? We invite you to review some of our franchise testimonials below. 

Our franchise opportunity is one of Forbes and Entrepreneur’s highest-ranked affordable franchises. As our Franchisee testimonials will confirm, it entertains and informs readers, promotes local businesses and allows people just like you to make money working from home. Our franchisees create their own schedules, make a difference in their communities and reap real profits. Owning a franchise provides a clear path to financial freedom. If you have a passion for sales and community involvement, you can earn money from home with our franchise model. To learn more, inquire about a franchise opportunity today!

franchise testimonialsFranchise Testimonials

“We’ve been fortunate to experience both Corporate America and large-scale retail franchise systems. Coffee News® gave us the ability to utilize all our skills and experience to build a business that we could run while raising a family.” – Tom & Angela Balsamo,  Publishers and Mentors, Maryland, USA

“In that first year, I had made an arrangement with the existing owner, where the owner financed part of the deal and I was making payments. I paid off my whole investment in a year plus made a profit!” – Debbie Jackson,  Publisher, Missouri, USA

“The Coffee News® model absolutely works…the model has been around for 25 years and it has a good history, and it is a proven model, so if you follow the model you will be successful!” – Karen Newton, Publisher, Ontario, Canada

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