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Working From Home and Making a Profit—Fast

working from homeHow about working from home?

If you are a stay at home parent, summertime can be the start of some big transitions, and big opportunities. Are your children starting kindergarten in this fallor even college? If you are thinking about re-entering the workforce soon, you should know that a Coffee News® low-cost franchise is a fast, flexible way to find financial freedom that will still let you be there when your family needs you. And you might not realize it, but your time at home with your kids has probably honed the skills youll need to make your Coffee News® franchise a success!

For parents who opt out of the workforce when their children are born, there are so many rewards—and some significant challenges. For many, one of the biggest challenges is getting back into the workforce once those intense early years of childrearing are done. Staying home with kids utilizes many of the skills valued in the workforce—budgeting, project management, conflict resolution, sales techniques, research and technology, to name a few. But while the time stay at home mothers and stay at home fathers have spent with their kids has made a big impact on their family, it also leaves a big gap on their resume. Stay at home mothers in particular can have a very difficult time merging back into their previous professions, or finding a good job at all.

working from homeIf you are a stay at home mother or father looking for a fast way to contribute to your family’s finances in your free time while your kids are at school, a Coffee News® low-cost franchise can be a fast-track way to get back on your career path. We see stay at home moms and stay at home dads and potential successful publishers, and our publishers see profits fast. In fact, if you get started now, you can go back to work right when your kids go back to school!

A low-cost Coffee News® franchise takes advantage of stay at home parenting attributes like:

  • Community connections.
    Becoming a stay at home parent often leads to deeper involvement in your community. Play groups, Scouting dens, Little League teams and more expand your social circles, as do volunteering at your child’s school, camp or church group. Handling the daily shopping connects you with the local businesses and services, and chances are, you’ve also advocated for progress on community issues like improving the school budget or local parks.  Many of our most successful publishers were drawn to Coffee News® precisely because it gave them an opportunity to support local businesses and make a difference in their community, and years of stay at home parenting gives you a head start!
  • Flexible hours.
    Just because your children are starting kindergarten or heading off to college doesn’t mean you aren’t still needed at home. Your children are more independent now, but they still want you cheering for them at their games or at their side for dental work or doctor appointments. Coffee News® publishers love being their own boss because it gives them a more flexible schedule and more free time they can spend with their families. With Coffee News®, you can meet your sales goals and still be home to meet the bus every afternoon.
  • Simple sales experience.
    How many bake sales or lemonade stands have you organized? How many car washes, raffle tickets, silent auction items or Girl Scout cookies have you helped to sell? Have you advocated for a higher school budget, more arts programming at your child’s school or healthier lunches? Sales techniques and the power of persuasion are things stay at home parents know well. If your previous career included any sales experience or if you think you an sell a newspaper ad, you have the sales chops you need to be a successful Coffee News® publisher.
  • Organization, time management and motivation.
    You’ve juggled everyone’s schedules, made and met everyone’s appointments, booked and packed for summer camp or summer vacations, stretched the family budget to cover unexpected expenses and kept your entire household running smoothly. Setting priorities, multitasking and exceeding everyone’s expectations are things stay at home parents do on a daily basis. Not everyone can work from home and have the discipline to stay on track, but stay at home parents have already proven they have what it takes to be their own boss and make money from home.
  • Strong support networks—and a commitment to family.
    Coffee News is a family-owned company, and because our publishers are never in competition with each other, our organization feels like family. When you become a Coffee News® publisher, we provide all the training, tools and ongoing support you need to start making money from home fast. If your children are going back to school, consider going to Coffee News® College—and starting a whole new successful chapter in your life!

You can be your own boss and make money from home this fall if you get started today.

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