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The 6 Keys to My Success

Start a home-businessThe 6 Keys to My Success

What are the 6 keys to my success?


  1. Set a Goal – You’ve​ got to know what you are working towards. You can’t​ hit a target you can’t see. Set both realistic goals​ you know you can accomplish within the next 6 months​ and bigger goals that may take you a few years. ​
  2.  Do Your Homework – Know. Your. Stuff. Every​ successful business owner knows their business, their​ customers, their competitors and their industry like​ the back of their hand.
  3. Adore What You Do​ – One way to avoid burnout is to really like what​ you are spending your time on. Money won’t always​ be flowing through the door. During those times, loving​ what you do will keep you going. A successful entrepreneur​ (or intrapreneur!) is passionate about what they are​ doing above all else.
  4. Remember, You are​ the Brand – You are the only one who can make it happen​ and no one else is going to do it for you. Be the​ best representation of you and your brand at all times.​ Don’t overlook the importance of personal branding!​
  5. Do the Hard Work and Keep Swimming – You have​ to be relentless and willing to keep moving forward​ despite setbacks and hard times. I have been told​ “no” countless times throughout my career. The difference​ is that I didn’t let it deter me. When I got kicked​ down, I always made sure to learn from the mistakes​ and get back up stronger than ever.
  6. Get​ a Mentor – Now listen, you don’t need a mentor that’s​ a “Shark.” You can find a family friend or community​ member running a successful business who is willing​ to share their expertise and experiences with you.​
  7. (BONUS!) – Don’t Procrastinate – Procrastination​ is the enemy of success. It can kill your business​ before it has a chance to even launch, but it doesn’t​ have to be that way. Want to know how I stay focused?​1. Break big tasks up into smaller pieces
    ​ 2. Do the most pleasing part of the thing you don’t​ want to do
    3. Focus on your “why.”

by Melissa Coombs
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