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How One Couple Runs a Successful Franchise While Keeping a Day Job

Coffee News Successful Franchise

Some just know that they would be Coffee News successful franchise owner. Daniel Cavazos picked up a copy of Coffee News at a restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2011.   “I remember

Coffee News Successful Franchise
– Daniel & Heather Cavazos of El Paso, Texas

thinking this is a really well done paper,” he recalled. Cavazos would know.   His background is in marketing. At the time, he was working in marketing for an international, multi-million dollar company.

“I assumed that the paper was produced by a sole proprietor locally. I had no idea that Coffee News was a franchise until I saw it again in Entrepreneur magazine two years later,” Cavazos said.

At that time, he and his wife Heather were contemplating going into business for themselves. Both of them had background experience in marketing and they were looking for a business that would make the best use of those skills.

“Heather had been let go from the marketing firm she worked for and I had been promoted into a different department in my company. I was doing more project management work and really wanted to get back into marketing,” Cavazos said.

The couple decided to look further into Coffee News to learn more about the business.   “We really thought it would do well in El Paso because it’s so expensive for businesses to advertise here.   We did our due diligence and talked to the franchisor about it and went from there,” Cavazos said.

In October of 2013, the Cavazos launched their Coffee News franchise with their first edition. They now publish three editions of Coffee News serving East, West and Northeast El Paso.

“Our plan is to expand further and publish five to seven editions in the El Paso area,” he said.

Heather helps manage the Coffee News business full-time, while Daniel continues to work full-time, in addition to their Coffee News business.

“We both deliver the papers and we have a retired couple who help us.   They are both amazing people. She is a retired teacher and he is a retired fireman,” Cavazos explained.

“The great thing about Coffee News is the flexibility of this business.   Our goal is to eventually do Coffee News full-time together, but in the meantime, the flexible nature of the business allows me to keep my day job and work on Coffee News as we continue to expand it,” Cavazos said.

In addition to the flexible nature of his Coffee News franchise, Cavazos appreciates being able to do the work he enjoys. “I love sales and marketing, and with Coffee News I can use my skills to help other small businesses succeed.   It really is a ‘feel -good’ business. My advertisers like the affordability and exclusivity of it and it works for them,” Cavazos said.

Cavazos admitted that he was concerned about Coffee News remaining relevant in an ever-expanding digital age. “I see and hear about people picking up the paper because they get bored with that digital stuff and the paper offers a different experience. People are drawn to it. They see it and they can’t help but pick it up and read it. Coffee News is such a uniquely crafted product that it will remain relevant as long as people like to read,” he said.

Cavazos offers these tips to be successful in Coffee News:

  1. Believe in your product. Understand why your product is so valuable in the marketplace to potential advertisers.
  1. Know what your product is worth.   Know the value it brings. Believe it, internalize it and speak to it.
  1. Continue to fine-tune your offering. Whether it is improving your product or your service, this is an absolute requirement to be successful.

Cavazos adds, “There will always be naysayers and people who push back. That’s okay. When you really understand and believe in your product, you can more comfortably address any negative points or doubts in a positive manner.”



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