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Start Your Own Successful Business

Start Your Own Successful Business

Do you love the small town lifestyle but cant find a find a job you love outside of the big city? Start your own successful business and work from home. Youll get to set your own schedule, cut your commute and high real estate costs, and live in a place you love. And theres even a shortcut to the stress-free life youre dreaming of: a low-cost Coffee News franchise. Coffee News is the perfect way to feel more connected to your community and more in control of your lifeand Americas #1 advertising franchise has a sterling success rate in small towns.

 Are you fed up with a long commute to your job in the city? Are you tired of the stress and expense of urban life, and want to experience the slower pace of a small town community? If you want to live and work in a small town but you can’t find a job that makes it possible, there’s a simple answer: start your own business, be your own boss, and live the small town lifestyle you want.

start your own successful business

If you don’t have a great idea for a business, don’t give up. Buying a franchise is a short cut to finding financial freedom as an entrepreneur. You get the business idea, marketing support and more—a real head start on owning a small business. And franchises work particularly well in small cities and rural towns.


In a recent article on Good Financial Cents, Jeff Rose calls Franchises one of the Top 15 Small Town Business Ideas:

The benefits to investing in a franchise are fairly obvious: you can rely on the national marketing and advertising budget behind your brand and your customers are already familiar with your product. You may think that a franchise would not be interested in your small town, but thats not necessarily the case. According to Greg Tanner of the International Franchise Association, instead of focusing on larger cities for leads being fought over by multiple franchises, many franchisors have found great success by researching and identifying smaller communities across the nation in which their franchise concepts would thrive.

It can be very difficult (and very expensive) to purchase a national franchise, even in a small town. And what if there’s another franchise owner just down the street? Most small towns won’t be big enough for both of you. Coffee News, the world’s most popular restaurant publication, is different. Our low-cost, high opportunity franchises are exclusive, so you are the only Coffee News publisher in your area.

Coffee News advertising is exclusive, too. The small- and medium-sized businesses who purchase ads in your publication will be the only ads in their product category. That’s one of the reasons Coffee News ads do so much for your local economy. That’s why you’re drawn to small town life, right? To really get to know your neighbors, to support them in their own business endeavors, to feel more connected to the community where you live and work? Our publishers know every ad they sell supports their family … and their friends.

If you want to live in a small town, you probably enjoy a slower pace and more leisure time. Coffee News franchise owners set their own schedules and work from home, so they can truly enjoy the freedom that being their own boss brings. They forge strong ties in their community, they have time to volunteer for causes they believe in, and they have more time to spend with their families.

They also support their families. Coffee News publishers find financial freedom even in smaller financial markets. Some of our most successful publishers live in communities with less than [NUMBER] residents. Towns you’ve probably never even heard of, like [NAMES OF OBSCURE SMALL TOWNS]. The best part? They did so without making the big, expensive investment most franchises require. And they started seeing a positive cash flow, fast.

 If you want to live in a small town with a traditional Main Street, choose the low-cost, high opportunity franchise that sustains Main Streets all over the world: Coffee News. Learn more about how Coffee News works today! For additional information fill out our form here.

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