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Start Your Own Business—But Don’t Go At It Alone

Start Your Own Business

If you are looking for ways to change careers or to start your own business from home, you know a franchise opportunity can reduce the risks and stress of starting your own business while accelerating the rewards. Successful franchises like Coffee News® are built on brilliant business ideas that seem so simple you might think you can do it all by yourself. But starting and running a profitable community paper is a lot harder than you might think—just ask Coffee News® publisher (and former independent publisher) Jessica Vinson. She knows first-hand that Coffee News® low-cost franchise fees are worth every penny—and pave the way to financial freedom.

Thanks to Jessica Vinson’s sales savvy and hard work, her two Coffee News® franchises in West Virginia and Kentucky keep generating the profits she expects without unexpected expenses or time commitments—and that’s just the way she wants it. Only a couple of years ago, she owned and operated a thriving, independent community newspaper called The Lamplighter. Published weekly, read widely and packed with local ads, The Lamplighter was a successful publication Jessica was very proud of.

It had also completely burned her out.

Eagerly read by over 10,000 residents each week, The Lamplighter covered local news and sports, featured concert and restaurant reviews and ran obituaries. “Good content costs a lot of money, whether you create it or you outsource it to someone else,” she explains. “I couldn’t afford to purchase Associated Press stories. They’re so expensive! And I couldn’t cover the doings of a whole community by myself. It took between four to six beat writers and photographers just to get the content to fill the edition each week.”

Many of the events readers expected The Lamplighter to cover took place in the evening or over the weekend, eroding Jessica’s free time and making vacations difficult or impossible. Freelance writers weren’t always reliable, either. “It’s super-stressful to deal with staffing,” she states emphatically. “Even when things are going well. There’s a lot of last-minute coordinating, a lot of negotiating. There’s no break.”

Of course, writing articles and taking photographs is just the beginning. “You have to design the paper on the computer and get it to the printer,” Jessica says. “Then you need to figure out your distribution. We didn’t have subscriptions—I delivered over 8,000 papers every single week, all by myself.”

What started out as a fun and rewarding challenge had become a real grind. Jessica was her own boss, she worked from home and she had found financial freedom. Only … it didn’t feel free. “We were successful!” she laughs. “We were growing. But it kept growing harder, not easier. The more successful I became, the harder it became to do it by myself.”

Jessica knew there had to be a better way. She put The Lamplighter up for sale and started researching solid, successful, low-cost franchise opportunities. “I wanted the same level of success without the same level of effort,” she remembers. “Coffee News® jumped out at me right away.”

“One of the biggest things that drew me to Coffee News® was the way it helps small businesses in the community,” she continues. “Small businesses need a lot of help! And Coffee News® was doing extremely well. I’d done so much research, and it was growing quickly—not just here in the U.S., but all around the world.”

And the low-cost franchise fees? “Coffee News® is a great value for the cost of the franchise,” Jessica declares emphatically. “It’s an extremely good price. I had published my own paper and I couldn’t believe that Coffee News® could keep their writing, design and printing costs so low while keeping their content and paper standards so high. It’s great to read. It looks great. I knew from personal experience that the price of the franchise was well worth it.”


Jessica’s customers agreed with her. Many of the small businesses advertising in The Lamplighter followed her to Coffee News® and never looked back. Jessica’s biggest surprise was how many new advertisers were drawn to the Coffee News® name. “At Coffee News® College, Bill Buckley, President of Coffee News®, told us that Coffee News® advertising almost sells itself. And I thought, Yeah, right. I’ve sold advertising. You have to work on it! No one calls you. But you know what? They sure do,” she laughs. “So many people have called me hoping to place an ad in my Coffee News®.”

A couple years in, Jessica knows she made the right decision. “I’m thrilled,” she says. “Coffee News® took so much of the stress in my life away. And the money’s even better. I just keep doing better and better!”

If you are trying to decide between purchasing a low-cost Coffee News® franchise or starting your own paper, Jessica has some hard-won advice for you. “It will cost you so much more money to write stories, take pictures, design the newspaper, print the newspaper, distribute the newspaper and sell the advertising that funds the newspaper,” she warns. “And you know what? Only the last part makes you any money! It’s a no-brainer. Why would you spend most of your time on the parts that cost you money? Coffee News® lets you focus on the only part of running a newspaper that makes you money.”

“Stay focused on making money. That’s just what I want to do—make money. And Coffee News® was the fastest way to do it.”

“I would definitely recommend Coffee News® to anyone who wants to go into business for themselves. It’s profitable. It has a wonderful business model. They help you every step of the way—you’re never alone in the process. They’re right there with you and they have it all figured out. If you are willing to work hard, there’s no reason for you to fail. You absolutely will succeed with Coffee News®.”