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Lisa Shaw of Indiana and Tennessee

Operating a Coffee News business

For Lisa Shaw the best part about her Coffee News business is the freedom it provides.   “I can work when I want to Operating a Coffee News businesswork.   Operating a Coffee News business offers the flexibility that  allows me to do other things and travel too.  That is the most important thing to me right now,” she said.

Shaw bought her first Coffee News franchise with a tax refund.   That was 15 years ago.   Today she owns five Coffee News franchises in Indiana and Tennessee.

“I learned about Coffee News in a franchise magazine when I was looking for a business to start after quitting my job and recovering from a skiing accident,” said Shaw.  Adding, “To be honest – the fact that it was so affordable was really attractive!”
Shaw decided to explore the Coffee News opportunity further by attending a Coffee News conference in Tampa.   “I went as a guest to check it out,” she said.   “The people I met – the current publishers and the Coffee News team were so great, fun and laid back.  They seemed to really enjoy what they were doing.”
Although she had no experience in advertising sales or publishing, coming from a background in banking and manufactured housing, she said,” It seemed to be pretty easy and I could own my own business.”
So she went for it!   Over the years she has had her share of struggles and challenges as a business owner.   Most of which have been dealing with personal issues that have at times, shifted her focus away from her business.  
Shaw says,” What I love most about my Coffee News business are the relationships I have built.  Those relationships have sustained me through the tough times.  I have one advertiser who has been with me since day one.”
Shaw stresses that relationships are the key to success in her Coffee News business.  “It is so important to build relationships.   You have to continue to cultivate them.”   She adds, “I am now in the position where I no longer have to go out and cold call potential advertisers.”
Shaw says that the reason her advertisers have stuck with her and Coffee News is because, “They like me, they get results and it’s very affordable for them.   Coffee News is well known in our area and everyone really enjoys reading it.”
Shaw credits her support team for keeping her business running smoothly including her husband, Lenny who has joined her in the business and her distributors who go above and beyond to deliver her editions.
She also credits the Coffee News team at headquarters.  “They are always there for support and they don’t pressure you in any way.”  
Shaw offers these tips to be successful in Operating a Coffee News business:
  1. Understand your cash flow and make sure you have enough capital to pay the bills while you build your business.
  2. Selling advertising can be challenging at times.  Be patient and don’t give up.
  3. Success in this business boils down to building and maintaining relationships.


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