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Franchise Owner – Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Pros and Cons of Working from Home
Jody Youll of Bel Air, Maryland

When weighing the pros and cons of working from home, It was a move to a new community that led Jody Youll of Bel Air, Maryland to start her Coffee News® business. Youll was looking for a new career that would build on her prior experience in printing, graphics, advertising, and working with local businesses. Youll had previously worked for a printing and graphics company and worked in sales and marketing for a Gannett-owned newspaper and later for Yellowbook.

Youll was already a Coffee News® fan when she decided to look into it as a business opportunity. After doing some research and performing her due diligence, Youll launched her Coffee News® franchise in 2011 with two editions in Harford County. She added a third edition a year later.

“Coffee News® was new to our area, so I did a lot of networking in my community. The publication has been well received and enjoyed. Coffee News® is very easy to believe in,” Youll said.

Youll enjoys the lifestyle that Coffee News® affords her. “I took a cut in pay when I left my job in corporate America to work from home, but it’s worth it. I love my home office and the flexibility of this business. It’s so much less stressful and affords me the ability to put my family and myself first. I can stay at home if I’m sick and still get work done,” she said.

Youll admits there is a downside to working from home. “It can get lonely at times and you have to be really disciplined or you can get distracted by household stuff. But, if I stay focused, I can accomplish in two hours what it would take me a day to accomplish in an office setting with a lot more distractions,” she explained.

Youll also likes the creative aspect of Coffee News®. “I do all of the ad design myself. I enjoy it and it gives my paper a consistent look. I’m also able to make changes to ads quickly” she said.

That is one of the many reasons advertisers like working with Youll and being part of her Coffee News® publication “I like being able to help the businesses I work with. My advertisers know I am keeping an eye out for them. They know I have a vested interest in their success. They like the flexibility of being able to change their ads and the exclusivity of being the only advertiser in their category. It’s all about relationships and adding value for my advertisers.” she said.

Youll has helped her businesses create their ads and has gone above and beyond to create logos and other marketing materials for them. “I have been creating marketing materials for years for organizations I volunteer with in my community. I enjoy it and I’m getting better and better at it,” she explained.

That has led Youll to expand her business by using her LLC, Madaco Marketing. “I intend to use this as an ‘umbrella’ business that will include Coffee News and provide marketing services to businesses and organizations, including creating marketing materials such as brochures and other collateral materials,” she said.

Reflecting on the path that brought her to owning her Coffee News franchise and plans going forward, she says.“You never know where things will lead and the direction they will take you. I’m so glad to be doing something I really enjoy.”

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Youll offers this advice to be successful in Coffee News:

Have a Business Plan
Youll stresses the importance of having a plan for your business to help you know what you are doing and guide you along the way.

Have Enough Capital
Make sure you have enough capital to pay the bills as you are growing your business, including enough to take care of your personal obligations. This can be in the form of other household income, savings or another job.

Find Mentors
Youll suggests to take advantage of the knowledge of other Coffee News® publishers and to find a business mentor or coach.

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