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Considering a Franchise Opportunity with Coffee News?

Considering a Franchise Opportunity with Coffee News?

Coffee shop proprietors Tricia and David Niven did consider the franchise opportunity with Coffee News. The result? They decided to buy a Coffee News® franchise in November 2013. One year and three editions later, sales are brisk and the future is bright. We sat down at their popular cafe, the Blue Ridge Java Coffee Shop in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, to talk about their first year as publishers. They had wonderful insights to share with other entrepreneurs!

  • FRANCHISE SUCCESS TIP #1: Take advantage of the Coffee News® team. They want you to succeed as much as you do! The Nivens knew how to run a successful coffee shop, but to learn how to run a successful Coffee News® franchise they turned to the experts. “Utilize the people who want to see you succeed! The Coffee News® print shop, everyone in the head office and our mentor were are all there for us in the beginning,” Tricia says.“Have patience and get to understand the way the business works,” adds David. “Trust the Coffee News® College and implement the processes.”Learn more about how Coffee News® supports its publishers.
  • FRANCHISE SUCCESS TIP #2: Be visible in your community.  Active members of a small, rural community, the Nivens had already established strong personal and professional networks … and they weren’t afraid to use them. “We live in a very small town and we are current business owners in our community. That definitely gave us a head start on building those relationships with potential advertisers,” says David.If you don’t have a strong network yet, don’t worry. Coffee News® creates those kinds of connections. “Get you publication out!” advises Tricia. “Coffee News® really sells itself. Let people see the paper so they realize what it is, how it can help their business and know you’re there to help.”“Focus on deliveries,” David agrees. “The paper sells itself. If you get it out there, it will sell. You just have to be patient and let it do its job.”Coffee News® is the most popular restaurant publication in the world! See why it works.
  • FRANCHISE SUCCESS TIP #3: If you want to keep sales high, keep your customers happy. Repeat customers are the best customers of all. “Cold sales were not as effective for us,” remembers Tricia. “Face-to-face sales were the most successful. And when you sell an ad to a small business owner in person, you are personally motivated to deliver on your promise.”“Customer retention is so important. Once you make that sale, focus on keeping that customer happy,” David says. “Follow up with them at least once a month. Send a text or stop in and check on them. Are they happy with their ad and your distribution? Is there anyway you can help?”Looking for more insight from Coffee News® publishers? Hear from more successful small business owners here.

One year after taking advantage of a low-cost Coffee News® franchise opportunity, David and Tricia Niven enjoy working together from home, being their own boss, having financial freedom and free time to enjoy family, friends and fun. You can, too! Considering a franchise opportunity with Coffee News®? 

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