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Coffee News Profile – John and Linda Bando of Clearwater, Florida

Starting our Coffee News Franchise

To begin, “starting our Coffee News Franchise” was thrilling says John and Linda of Clearwater, Florida.

John Bando and his wife Linda had a plan.   They were going to begin a new life together in Florida after they met and fell in love. John had always been a self-employed entrepreneur and Linda, a nurse manager specializing in obstetrics and neonatal intensive care.

Both were thinking about career changes as they approached their “retirement” years and were looking for a business opportunity that would suit them as they entered their next chapter.

John recalled, “Coffee News was attractive because we wanted something that was affordable so we wouldn’t eat up all of our savings. We also wanted to do something fun and we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.”

He added, “I researched Coffee News carefully for a few months before we signed on. As hard as I tried, I could not find one negative comment about the business from a Coffee News publisher.”

They purchased two territories in the Clearwater, Florida area in June of 2014.   They were on their way to an exciting new chapter in their lives when John suffered a massive stroke. “The prognosis was not good. But I surprised my doctors. They called me the miracle guy,” John said.

Just one week after his stroke, John was in Bangor, Maine attending the “Coffee News College”, a training seminar for new franchise owners.   “I was still able to slowly build my Coffee News business while I recovered,” he said.

Not only did he build the business, but within a year he expanded to publishing 4 editions in the area.   Linda is now a working partner in their growing Coffee News business.

The Bandos enjoy meeting people and building up their area and advertisers.   John says they especially enjoy helping out non-profits who may not have the money to promote worthy causes.

He recalled meeting a young woman at a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting who was a cancer survivor.   She said there were no support groups for people her age battling the disease and she wanted to start one called “Spark the Way”.

Bando offered her an ad in Coffee News.   “I told her I wanted to help her spread the word but she said she couldn’t afford advertising.   We helped her out. We also helped a group promote a monthly square dance event. I get a lot of joy out of doing things like that,” he said.

Bando has also seen the important role Coffee News can play in helping a client or business build a brand. “We worked with a new consulting business that just wanted to start getting their name out to build their brand.   They didn’t expect to actually receive calls from potential customers but that happened too.”

Bando says their advertisers like Coffee News for a variety of reasons including the exclusivity and frequency. “We publish weekly.   Our competition publishes monthly.   Once those issues are gone – they’re gone and won’t be back in circulation for a month.”

For Bando and his wife one of the benefits of their Coffee News business is knowing that if the day comes when they really want to retire, they can sell their business.

“Knowing we can build it up and reap all the benefits of our hard work is a real advantage. We own this business – it is ours. Unlike some other franchise arrangements – our Coffee News business is not owned by the franchisor. ”Bando said.

In the meantime the Bandos plan to continue building their Coffee News business, doing what they can to give back to the community and staying healthy!

Starting our Coffee News Franchise

Bando offers these tips to be successful in the Coffee News business:

  1. You have to think of this as a full-time business. Be focused and realize that to be successful you have to give this your full attention.
  1. Distribution is key. Advertisers want to know how many people you are reaching.   Make sure you have enough distribution outlets to attract advertisers.   You will end up picking up advertisers just by being out there.
  1. Speaking of distribution – be sure to really check out your delivery people. Check references and perform background checks to insure they are the kind of people you can trust and who will best represent you.

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