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Being Your Own Boss is the Best!

Be Your Own Boss with Coffee News®

Be your own boss! Do you spend meetings or your days in the office dreaming about starting your own business? Maybe you wish you could make your own schedule, so you could spend more time with family and friends. Or perhaps you want to find financial freedom by earning what you’re really worth. These are just two of the reasons why being your own boss is the best. Read on to discover even more!

Back in 1989, an international survey asked people from 11 countries whether they’d prefer being an employee or working for themselves. Over 60 percent of Americans (and half of the Germans and Brits) said they would rather be self-employed. This survey was taken before cell phones, Skyping, and email made starting your own business easier than ever. That number is surely higher today. Why do so many people dream of being their own boss? Is the grass really greener if you are self-employed?

At Coffee News®, the answer is yes. We’re surrounded by happy and successful small business owners, because we help to create and nurture them. Our low-cost franchise opportunities are built on one of the world’s best business ideas, and we provide training, mentorship and resources entrepreneurs need to succeed. At Coffee News® College or at any Coffee News® conference, we hear so many stories about how being their own boss has changed our publishers’ lives for the better.

Here are the top five reasons Coffee News® publishers think you will love being self-employed:

        1. You are your own boss.
          The first reason is still the best reason: deciding your own destiny. If you are in a job where you don’t feel listened to, appreciated or understood, it’s time to make a change. A feeling of control over your work has many benefits, and in fact, a recent study shows that feeling in control of your life actually helps you to live longer! It certainly makes it easier to enjoy your workday.

You decide how much money you want to earn.
What is your time worth? At a traditional job, your salary is up to your employer. When you are self-employed, how much money you earn is up to you. When your great idea or extra effort pays off, you get paid, too! The average freelance worker makes 46% more money than a traditional worker, and there are many tax deductions only self-employed people can take. And when you build a small business, you build an asset with real value. With careful preparation and professional financial advice, self-employment can be a smart investment.

You have a lot more flexibility.
What if you could arrange your work around the things that really matter to you, like family time, regular exercise or favorite hobbies? Self-employed people can create the work/life balance that works best for them. A third of self-employed people work less than 40 hours a week and 25% of self-employed people say that the flexibility is their favorite part of the job. If you feel like you’re missing out on what really matters in your life, maybe it’s time to make your own way in life.

You create your own community.
Many traditional workers worry that if they start their own business, they will miss the connections and friendships of their workplace. But being self-employed doesn’t mean working in solitude! When you are responsible for driving your own sales, you spend more time meeting, connecting and socializing with people than ever before. Sometimes called the “Coffee Shop Community,” this community-based network of new business contacts, clients, strategic partners and yes, friends, will be a big part of your success.

Be your own boss additional benefits:

You get to do what you love.
According to Gallup, less than 30% of Americans do work that matters to them. These dissatisfied workers are more likely to be depressed, miss workdays or feel unhappy with their lives. What if you couldn’t wait for Monday morning so you could jump into a brand-new week? What if you were always learning new things, solving new problems and making a real difference in your community? What if your job was something you truly cared about and enjoyed? Most self-employed people are working in fields that inspire and challenge them and are developing talents and skills that are meaningful to them. You can, too.

The people who dream of starting their own business and being their own boss are usually the types of people who succeed as self-employed entrepreneurs. If you think you might be ready to be your own boss, talk to Coffee News® about an affordable franchise opportunity today.