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AD RESIDUECoffee News can be used most effectively as a supplement to other advertising done by your company, effectively increasing the effects of internet, radio, television, major newspaper and even Yellow Pages ads. The following is a good example of what I mean.

If you exercise 10 minutes a day for 90 days, which will give you approximately 30 seconds of fitness residue carrying over to the next session, on the 90th day of exercise, your ten minutes plus residue will give the equivalent fitness value of a 55 minute workout – more than five times what you started with! Advertising residue builds up in the same manner, and like exercise, if stopped suddenly, the residue will remain working, until all its effects have faded. Thus, an advertiser who spends money solely on big seasonal sale ads every three months has no residue at all working to boost his results. The real secret to getting results is building that residue, and Coffee News is designed specifically to accomplish this both effectively and inexpensively. In fact, most businesses that use Coffee News can cut their ad budget by a third, and still get the same or better results.

One last note: the compounding residue value of Coffee News ads are 5% per week. This means the 4th week of advertising is 1.2155 (almost 25%) more effective than the first ad. The 12th week equals 1.7959 – almost 80% more results than the first ad. The longer the ad runs, the more compounded residue, which again ALSO transfers to the other media you may be using.

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