Why Do Businesses Love to Advertise in Coffee News®?


Businesses love to advertise in Coffee News! Ads are very affordable, in comparison to other media and provide the maximum exposure and response dollar for dollar.

All Ads are Industry Exclusive!








More “Bang for the Buck”!

Only one type of each category of business can advertise, providing local businesses with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Positive Message

Coffee News® provides businesses the benefit of advertising in a positive environment

  • Flexibility!

Ads can be changed weekly, allowing small businesses the ability to offer a variety of messages and specials throughout the year.

  • It’s Targeted!

Ads are seen three meals a day, seven days a week. Businesses can target loyal customers close by, who have disposable income.  The consistency of the message brings results! Repetition = Recognition.

  • Results!

Coffee News® Ads are uniquely designed to maximize visibility and achieve outstanding results. Ads are rotated each week to maximize the effectiveness of the message.

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