Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

franchise frequently asked questionsWhat is a Franchise?

Below are frequently asked questions on what a franchise is.  Franchising is a way for a company to expand its distribution of goods and services through a licensing relationship with an individual or group in a specific territory.

The “Franchisor” is the entity that grants the license for conducting the business using their proven system and trademarks and serves as a support system to the Franchisee.

The “Franchisee” is the entity that is granted the license to do business under the trademarks and system by the Franchisor.

Why Franchise?

The Franchise model is very attractive since the risk is much lower than that of a startup since there is already a proven business model in place, protected and well-known brand, training, support and more. All of the hard work has already been done for you allowing you to focus on building the business and achieving your goals and dreams!

How are Coffee News® franchise opportunities determined?

The area that you select to franchise is where you can distribute Coffee News®, you may, however, accept advertising from anywhere. The distribution area may be a city, town, county or combination thereof. We allow up to 50,000 population on your first franchise and up to 40,000 population on each additional franchise. Inquiry today for available franchise areas and pricing!

How can I find out if a Coffee News® franchise is currently available?

Inquire today and one of our Franchise Development team members will provide you with information on available areas, pricing and more. You may also contact us direct at 207-941-0860.

If there are no Coffee News® franchise opportunities in my country, can I develop one?

Yes! Inquire today and speak with our International Franchise Development Director about affordable international franchise opportunities.

How do you determine the price of Coffee News® franchises?

The price of a Coffee News® franchise is dependent upon the population of the area that you choose to franchise, and your desired income level, as this will dictate how many franchises you will need to meet this goal. Contact us today for availability and pricing!

What are the Coffee News® franchise fees?

The flat weekly franchise fee structure provides you with the content for the publication and ongoing support from the Head Office. The weekly fees are $80 (USD) per week on your first franchise and $40 (USD) per week on each additional franchise that you own. (Contact us for fee pricing outside the U.S.)

Can I finance my Coffee News® franchise?

Coffee News® provides financing to qualified candidates. Be sure to ask about financing opportunities when you speak with a Franchise Development Team Member. Coffee News® USA is proud to offer special financing for veterans as well. Contact us to learn more.

Can I sell my Coffee News® franchise?

Yes! Coffee News® publishers build real equity. A Coffee News® franchise can be sold like any other small business, and when you are ready to retire we will help you find a buyer.

How much experience do I need to make money from home with a Coffee News®  franchise?

Successful publishers possess a background in outside sales, are driven and motivated to succeed. Having a genuine passion for helping local businesses is key. If you enjoy meeting and interacting with people in your community Coffee News® may be the right fit for you, inquire today!

I don’t know anything about writing copy, designing ads or printing a newspaper. How will I create my Coffee News®?

Don’t worry—if you can sell an ad, you can make money from home with Coffee News®. The Head Office provides the content, you provide your local “What’s Happening” section, and Coffee News® Printing offers ad design, layout and printing services. Depending on where you are on the globe, you can take advantage of some or all of Coffee News® Printing services. They print and ship over 1.5 million copies of Coffee News® each month and pass the bulk savings on to our franchisees.

How do I set my ad rates in Coffee News®?

Advertising rates are determined by you, based on the readership of Coffee News® in your area and your local market. Since distribution drives readership, the more locations you distribute, the greater the value to the advertiser and the higher the ad rate. Coffee News® can assist you in determining appropriate rates for your community that will drive sales and generate profits for you and your advertisers. Check out our graph here.

Will I receive Coffee News® training?

Yes! Coffee News® provides a tremendous amount of training and ongoing support, and are here to provide you the knowledge and tools to maximize your success. From our initial 3-day Coffee News® College to our regional round-tables, International Conferences, mentoring program, online resources and more! Coffee News® provides you an affordable franchise, with the comprehensive support, and you can contact the Head Office at any time with questions! Learn more.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, contact us at 207-941-0860.